About Us

We are DNA testing experts and we’ve been performing paternity tests for more than 15 years.

Because we are Australian owned and operated, our testing is all done right here in Australia. We don’t send samples overseas like some companies do. We don’t need to.

We have highly-trained scientists working with state-of-the-art equipment. And our laboratory is accredited by the National Association for Testing Authorities (NATA) – the highest accreditation available in Australia.

All of which means that when you pay for a Silbase test, you’re getting the highest quality DNA test available, and one that you can trust 100 percent.

Warning – not all DNA testing laboratories are who they seem!

Businesses that can’t match ours in terms of quality and reliability are fond of using phrases to disguise the fact they don’t actually own their own laboratories. If you read any of these phrases, think twice before ordering a test.


Phrase Often means...
"Our laboratory is ISO17025 accredited" They send your samples overseas to be tested
"We use a NATA accredited laboratory" They don’t own their own laboratory
"We are Sydney based, Brisbane based etc" They have someone in that city to answer the phone, but still send your samples overseas
"Our laboratory operates to an ISO17025 standard" The lab isn’t actually accredited